Returning clothes

Yesterday I tried on a bunch of clothes I’d ordered over the internet and decided that I was going to send them all back, with one exception.

The first was a pair of fake leather leggings in “berry” that I’d ordered from Next.

Fake leather leggings
Fake leather leggings

They weren’t terrible and in fact would look okay as long as I wore a longish tunic to cover my crotch.  However, they rustled when I walked and that would drive me crackers.  Plus the care label said that I couldn’t wear them near any light coloured surfaces and I got visions of me staining someone’s expensive light coloured car interior.  No, No, No! They have to go back.  I’ll pop into a Next either today or next week and return them then.

The next was the Sissel dress that I had ordered from Gudrun Sjoden, who are Scandinavian and who I read about in India Knight‘s book “In Your Prime: Older, Wiser, Happier”.  It wasn’t awful but it didn’t suit me very well.  When I tried it on, I started doing that thing where I kept posing and adjusting to try to make it suit me – when I realised that was what I was doing, I knew it needed to go back.

Sissel dress
Sissel dress

After that was the Barbro top, which I just plain didn’t like.  So that is going back too.

Barbro top
Barbro top

Now, one thing I hadn’t realised was that Gudrun Sjoden have quite a weird (to me) returns policy.  They supply a UPS label and you have to ring UPS to arrange for them to pick up the parcel.  When they receive the parcel, they refund you BUT deduct £10.  I must admit that I had to read that a few times – perhaps I have been spoiled by Boden (who people bitch about but do have an amazing returns policy).

This will teach me to order online
This will teach me not to order online

So, I did as they suggested and rang UPS, who said that they would pick up the parcel between 9am and 7pm on Monday.  Then I came to my senses – I can’t possibly wait in ALL BLOODY DAY on Monday – and rang them back and cancelled the collection.  I’ll ring the London store and see whether I can just bring the stuff in to be returned – if not then I’ll pay at the post office.

One thing I am going to keep are these Gunnel jersey pants which I like a lot – nice shape, nice fit, nice colour.

I like these
I like these

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