Jerusalem Tavern and Modern Pantry

Last night we went out in Clerkenwell to celebrate our eight year wedding anniversary.  This is a funny area – sort of halfway between Islington and the City.  My husband suggested going to a cocktail bar that he remembered from a works do and we walked along Clerkenwell Road looking for it but it had turned into something else so we went to the Jerusalem Tavern.

Jerusalem Tavern
Jerusalem Tavern
Here it is
Here it is

Now, this is the sort of place that you see and think “Oh WOW! An ANCIENT London pub! How thrilling!” – except I think it opened sometime in the mid nineties.  We had three pints of the Golden Ale (the India Pale Ale was off) and I got really quite tipsy.  It’s 4.7% so not all that strong but perhaps three pints is quite a lot for me.  Before we left, I told the barmaid how marvellous her hair was (it really was though, she’d bleached it and then dyed it silver with some stuff she bought at Superdrug).

Afterwards, we went to the Modern Pantry for dinner.

I'd never realised this was a restaurant
I’d never realised this was a restaurant

This is a lovely restaurant – I had a scallop to start (which was from the Isle of Mull, a place I’d like to visit) and then the venison.  I love game but usually venison is too lean for my taste – however it went really well with the sauce.  My husband had the beef which was also delicious.  We both had cheese at the end and were quite plastered as we had two bottles of red wine with dinner (one malbec and then a shiraz, I think) AND I had a glass of white wine with my scallop (I don’t know what it was, I asked the waiter to choose for me).

Modern Pantry
Modern Pantry

We both woke up this morning with stonking hangovers.

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