Yesterday, I went to visit my chiropractor.  I started going to see a chiropractor after I hurt myself last year – I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck.  In the end, my husband booked me a chiropractor’s appointment and off I went.  The guy poked around a bit and talked to me a bit then said “You’re going to hate me but you have a serious sprain on your neck”.  Ugh.  “Can I still go running?” “What do you think?”  Of course, I had no idea but the answer was no.

My chiropractor
My chiropractor

In the end, my neck was better after about five days but was hellish at the time.  I had to put a bag of teas wrapped in a tea towel on it for ten minutes every hour while I was awake.  It also took me about fifteen minutes to get up from lying on the floor.

Now, I go once every eight to nine weeks – Francesca (my chiropractor) gets me to lie on her fancy bench (you know those things are about ten grand? Blimey) and clicks my back.  I don’t love it at the time but I always feel superb afterwards.

We talked a bit about my running (which I know you don’t want to hear about).  She said that I should only do about twenty minutes at a time – any more and it jolts the spine – but should get faster as I get fitter.  So no marathon training for me.

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