After Noah

My husband and I have been married eight years today.  If I were a better, more organised wife, I would have sorted out a card last week BEFORE we went to the IoW.  But I am not.  So today, I snuck out (leaving the kids with him) to (1) go to the post office to return a tunic from Boden (there was nothing wrong with it, they just sent the wrong design) and (2) buy an anniversary card.  I did pop into Aria but they only had birthday, new baby and wedding cards.  Damn, I thought I was going to have schlep all the way to Angel to get one but then I remembered After Noah.

After Noah
After Noah

I’m not really sure how to describe After Noah – it sells children’s toys, wrapping paper, cards, furniture, Christmas decorations, random knickknacks.  They have a particularly good range of toy cars.

As well as buying a card, I also bought a couple of advent calendars – they sell the old fashioned German ones, you see, which are now surprisingly difficult to buy.  I know I’m Not Allowed to think about Christmas until after Guy Fawkes but if you wait until 1 December, the shops sell out of advent calendars.

Advent calendars
Advent calendars

When I got home, I hid them in a corner of the study.  I must remember to get them out on 1 December.

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