Be koselig

Today, there was a marvellous article in the Times about how Norwegians “do” winter – it’s all about wearing comfortable, warm clothes, staying at home with a roaring fire and some sofa blankets, watching awesome telly (actually, I do this quite often), eating stews and drinking mulled wine (I love mulled wine).

I think my socks and slipper probably count as koselig
I think my socks and slippers probably count as koselig

This all sounds fantastic to me and I love the clothes in the article but am rather horrified at the prices (and I really am profligate).  Here are the places the author referred to:

Dale of Norway

Fabel Norway

Oslo Sweater Shop

If you like, click on the links and then laugh at the prices.  I did.  In fact, the author got a few comments about this.

It has made me even more tempted to buy a down coat – even though I am sure it would be far too warm for the UK – even the people on Mumsnet say so.  And I can’t realistically buy something so expensive for myself before Christmas.

New River Walk at the end of Autumn

The other day, we were having a walk along the New River.  Some of the leaves are still on the trees but most have fallen – we’re due a bit more rain tonight and tomorrow so that will probably get the rest of them to fall.

It's looking more wintry
It’s looking more wintry

I’m really enjoying wearing my new snowboots, now that it’s getting a bit colder.  Plus I love buying things in the sale and then using them a lot – it makes me feel savvy and not at all profligate.

The Christmas deliveries have started

In the last few days, we have had STACKS of Amazon boxes delivered.  Mainly for our neighbours but that is okay.  I don’t mind taking in parcels for other people.

We're getting ready for Christmas
We’re getting ready for Christmas

It does feel rather Christmassy when the delivery parcels start building up.  However, it also reminds me that I need to start thinking of presents for my kids.  I only have about one idea for each of them – perhaps I’ll pop into John Lewis and see whether I can find any ideas.  Also, Father Christmas needs to think of what to put in their stockings.  Also, I need to find their stockings.

The Draper’s Arms

Last night, we went to the Draper’s Arms with my brother and sister in law.  This is a nice spot – it is basically a smart pub that serves awesome food (definition of a gastropub, I suppose).  My husband knows the owner – he used to work with him (years and years ago).

We started off standing here, which irritated the waiting staff I think
We started off standing here, which irritated the waiting staff I think

L and I had salmon tartare to start, the duck breast with kale and then cheese.  My brother and my husband both started with chicken livers on a pancake then had partridge – I think my husband had ice cream and my brother had some chocolate thing for pudding.


There was one big table playing Jenga and screaming really loudly but they left after being shushed (and glared at) by the other people there.  I hesitate to say that they were just young – I think they were just irritating and hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that they were in the dining area.

Getting ready for Christmas

Yesterday, I noticed that they’ve started selling Christmas trees on the Essex Road.

Christmas trees!
Christmas trees!

It’s a bit early for my taste but I suppose there are people who put up their trees and decorations in the first week of December.  When I was little, one year my Mum decided that we wouldn’t put up a tree until Christmas Eve itself – so we went out on something like 20 December to find that the Christmas tree seller had almost completely sold out.  I think he only had about four trees left and was about to pack up and go home for good.  Come to think of it, I must remember to remember to call Shide trees and order our tree.

There are lots of trees so far
There are lots of trees so far

When is it officially winter?

Yesterday, we met some friends and went to the park – I think (apart from last weekend), it is the first time that I really felt my lack of hat and gloves.  Apparently, the astronomical winter starts on 21 December but the meteorological winter begins on 1 December – I think I probably agree with the second one.  It’s very dark here now and the leaves are pretty much gone from the trees.

Like this one
Like this one
And this
And this

Although, I think some plants have been confused by the warm November.  One tree I passed had blossom on it.

It's FAR too early for blossom
It’s FAR too early for blossom