Carisbrooke castle

This morning, we went to Carisbrooke castle.  This is a really nice spot to visit with children – no matter what the time of year, there is something to do or see.  Today, they had an event on called “Spooky Castle” with a couple of actors who told the children some ghost stories from around the IoW.  Beforehand, we climbed the gatehouse where the children had fun dressing up in pretend armour and playing with a model of a crossbow.

Atmospheric spot for Halloween
Atmospheric spot for Halloween
There are a lot of places to climb
There are a lot of places to climb
Spooky Castle!
Spooky Castle!

After Spooky Castle, we had a wander around the castle.  They have an old bowling green that was used by Charles I when he was imprisoned at the castle and a load of old cannons for the children to climb on.  It is very wet underfoot so I was glad that I had remembered to bring a spare pair of my daughter’s leggings.

We also went round the battlements – I didn’t take any photos as I had to make sure that my not-very-sensible daughter didn’t climb them and fall to her doom.  At one point I really shouted at her (she lay on one of the bridges) which I don’t think helped.

The children also had fun running round Princess Beatrice’s garden and saying hello to all the other children.

Princess Beatrice's garden
Princess Beatrice’s garden

Other things to do are watching the donkey demonstration, visiting the museum, checking out where Charles I used to sleep (humiliatingly, my daughter once set off the alarms there) and visiting the tearoom.

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