Stained-glass bats

This afternoon, my son and I had a go at making stained-glass bats.  This is another thing I read about in Celebrate and is nice and simple.  You basically cut shapes out of coloured card circles and cover those shapes with tissue paper.

This sort of thing
This sort of thing

My son drew around a dinner plate then cut it out – it ended up being a nice way of getting him used to using scissors.  I then cut out the shape in the middle, got my son to glue around the shape and put coloured tissue paper over the shape on top of the glue. Pippa Middleton made a stained-glass effect using lots of different coloured tissue paper but we found that one piece was okay too.

Here you go
Here you go

Now, I’d bought the art stuff last weekend and probably went a bit overboard.  I’d overestimated my children’s attention span for this sort of thing.  However, we may make a few more (when the kids are interested again).

Perhaps we can use some of this at Christmas
Perhaps we can use some of this at Christmas

Tomorrow, we also have some pumpkin carving to do.

My job for tomorrow
My job for tomorrow!

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