Last night we were having a most enjoyable chat about splinters.  My sister in law occasionally has the job of removing them from her kids, which she does with a needle.  Her kids don’t like this much.

Now, I am quite lucky in that I haven’t had to do this yet.  Considering that, until very recently, I had to wedge my daughter’s head between my legs just to cut her fingernails, I don’t really think I would be very good at removing splinters.

Ah!  There is another solution! said another friend staying, who is a doctor and once had to help remove a splinter from a man’s leg under general anaesthetic.  It was longer and thicker than a pencil and he’d got it doing some form of Army training exercise.  Ugh.

Apparently, this is what we all need – Magnesium Sulphate paste!  It is really very cheap so I think I will probably buy some just in case either of my kids get a splinter.  After all, there is no chance whatsoever that they will let me near them with a needle.

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