Sea watching at the Waterfront and the best wellies I’ve ever owned

This morning, after swimming, we had a lovely, rainy walk to the Waterfront for hot chocolate and scones.  This is a nice little place which I hope has benefitted from the new path between Totland Bay and Colwell Bay opening.  The food is pretty nice (and the scones are really super fresh)  but really what we go for at this time of year is the view.

What a view!
What a view!

The kids found it very exciting to watch the waves crashing over the sea wall, right outside the Waterfront.  I was rather glad that we were the only ones there as they were sort of loud and shrieky.  I totally recommend this place on a blustery day.

Walking to and from the Waterfront, I was very glad of my wellies.  These are posh Le Chameau wellies that my mother in law bought me for Christmas one year and I love them.

My posh wellies
My posh wellies

Even when I am really quite thin, I have thick calves and find normal wellies quite hard to get on.  Not these though, they fit me perfectly and have a lovely warm lining.  Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge wears these so even when I am, frankly, dressed like a scruffbag, I still feel stylish whenever I have them on.

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