Poached eggs for children

As my brother and sister in law are out with my son and his cousins for dinner, I just made dinner for me and my daughter tonight.  This was trickier than usual because we arrived today and I haven’t done a supermarket shop yet.  There is some food in but I’m not sure what my in laws have planned and it seems a bit antisocial to potentially eat half the ingredients.

So I went through the freezer and pulled out some oven chips and frozen corn on the cob.

Poached egg, chips and sweetcorn
Poached egg, chips and sweetcorn

Now, I know the rule of blogging is that all food on it must be awesomely nutritious and fabulously presented.  This isn’t.  However, it DOES include one brilliant thing – a poached egg!  I consider poached eggs to be the saviour of crappy dinners – including a poached egg means that I have made some effort to get my kids to eat something wholesome.  Plus, it may be the only form of protein my daughter gets as she isn’t keen on meat.

I used to think that poached eggs had to be made in a terribly complex way, using vinegar in boiling water and a swirling motion.  Ha!  You just need these.  You can buy them online but I would amazed if they aren’t sold in all kitchen utensil shops – I bought mine at Gill Wing.

Silicone egg poachers
Silicone egg poachers

Seriously, I just rub some butter on the inside of the egg poachers, crack an egg in and put them in a pan of boiling water for around three minutes.  Then you get a perfect mound of poached egg for your child to dip her mass produced oven chips into.

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