Missing the ferry

Today, we missed the ferry we were booked on by ten minutes, despite leaving the house at 7:15am with the kids in their pyjamas, having eaten jam sandwiches made the night before for breakfast.  It was utterly pouring, you see, and this really slows the traffic down.  Plus there are some fairly major roadworks along the M3.  There are some proposals to restrict roadworks so that they can only happen for between two and five miles at a time – however, this is a bit late for the M3, which has some of the longest roadworks in the UK.

It wasn’t the end of the world as thankfully they let us onto the 11am ferry.  However, it did mean that I had to bribe the kids with cakes at the Costa at the ferry terminal so they became a bit loopy on the ferry itself.  You know who really disapproves of children running around?  To the point of staring at you?  Very slightly older children, who sit nicely in their seats and have outgrown the running around and crawling under seats.  The adults don’t appear to mind, to be honest.  Unless they have dogs – the dog owners I meet on the ferry are often very worried that my children will upset their dogs.

The ferry was incredibly busy as it is half term.  My son had a nice chat with one of the Wightlink ferry men (who he described as the captain) about how many cars there were on the ferry.

Anyway, we are now in the IoW and it is a beautiful day.  My son has been taken to Robin Hill by his uncle and aunt and my daughter is having a nap.  I am catching up on The Returned – this is a show that I pretend is educational and worthy because it is in French and has subtitles.

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