Hawksmoor Seven Dials

Last night, we went to Hawksmoor Seven Dials.  We usually go to the one in Spitalfields (it’s the original and is slightly closer to us) but it was full at 8pm and we like the one by Covent Garden just as much.  It’s an interesting building – you have to walk downstairs to the basement (which was originally a brewery) so it feels as though you are going into a private members’ club – a bit like something out of James Bond.


This is a really nice restaurant – they have a smart bar with loads of different cocktails.  As well as the usual stuff, they serve “bridging drinks” which are what the idle rich would drink when lunch had finished (probably around 4pmish) but when it was too early for preprandial drinks.  Basically, they were not too strong so they wouldn’t be too smashed before dinner.  It is a good idea and I had a Tokaji Smash, which was delicious.

To start we had the bone marrow and onions (really good) and then shared a porterhouse steak, buttered greens, caesar salad and beef dripped fries.

Bone marrow
Bone marrow

For pudding, I had the Black Forest sundae and a glass of Tokaji (which I’d never heard of but was very nice).  My husband had the peanut butter shortbread and a glass of tawny port.  By the end, we were tipsy but not completely plastered.  Really full though.

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