Shopping for art supplies

This afternoon, my son and I popped out to Cass Art to buy coloured card and tissue paper to make Halloween decorations.

Cass Art Islington
Cass Art Islington

This is actually a brilliant shop – one I don’t go to anything like as often as I should.  It is on three floors and is beautiful in only the way a nice art shop can be.

Look at all the art stuff!
Look at all the art stuff!

The place was also rammed with families – it turns out that what middle class Islington parents do with their kids at the weekend is take them to art shops.  Seriously, there were loads of posh north London children with floppy hair and Polarn O Pyret coats.  To be fair, the basement is actually dedicated to art for children, more or less, and was a pleasure to be in.

The problem with places like bookshops and art shops is I get this warm glow whenever I am in a good one and massively overspend – because it is educational and so cannot possibly be a waste of money.  We ended up buying:

  • three massive pieces of coloured card;
  • eight bundles of coloured tissue paper;
  • new felt tip pens;
  • a Pritt stick;
  • a pack of coloured feathers; and
  • a pair of children’s safety scissors.

They also had some lovely coloured bags which my son was enthusiastic about so we bought a blue one.  It has both short handles and one long handle for going over my shoulders and is just the thing for posing at a farmers market with (if you do that sort of thing, which I haven’t recently).

£1.50 - absolute bargain
£1.50 – absolute bargain

On the way home, we passed Theorem Hair Art, which I’ve never been inside but which sells coloured hair extensions.  My son and I agreed that the dark blue ones were the best.

They sell coloured hair extensions
They sell coloured hair extensions

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