In my post here, I mentioned that my skin has been a bit blotchy and spotty lately.  To try to combat this, I’ve actually been taking my make up off at night before I go to bed.  In the past, I’ve never bothered but perhaps now is the time to start.  I use this stuff:

Pond's cold cream
Pond’s cold cream

It’s old fashioned (my Mum remembers her mother using it) and is really cheap.  I have some other, slightly posher, stuff but think I should probably use up what I have before I think about buying any new, fancier cleanser.  Do any of you have any recommendations?

I take cleanser off with a damp muslin (I still have loads from when my kids were babies so they may as well get used).

Generally, I’ve been trying to be a little bit more groomed.  I’m nearly 40 and can’t really get away with dressing like a sloppy tramp so often.  I read this which, while rather prescriptive, is not a hideous thing to aim for (although I am not, and probably never will be, a New Yorker).  At present, I get my hair cut only when it starts looking awful.  I used to also get it highlighted but stopped when I had children – my roots plus a haircut would take 3+ hours (so boring) and I didn’t really have time.  Thankfully, I don’t have any grey yet so my natural colour (dark blonde / light brown) still looks okay.

Also, I’m making more of an effort to not leave my nail varnish until it’s chipped.  My current nail varnish is Chanel’s Coquelicot, which you can still buy.  A friend who works in fashion suggested I buy it when we were in John Lewis together and, as she is very stylish, I thought I’d better.


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