Asteys Row and the Angel Deli

This morning, I took the kids to the playground at Asteys Row to meet up with my friend A and her boys (who are the same age, more or less, as my kids).  This is a nice little spot – the playground is enough to keep the kids amused for at least half an hour (an hour if we are with friends) and the council have used their imagination a bit – there is a (clean) sandpit, logs that kids can climb on and walk along and some little hills for them to run up and down.

There is also a rock garden that kids can safely scoot or run along and not come to any bother (as there are no cars).

Asteys Row
Asteys Row

Unfortunately, today was so much fun that my daughter lay on the ground and shrieked when it was time to leave.  If I am honest, I didn’t help all that much – I got so damn fed up, I shouted that we were never going to go anyway, ever again which is (1) not true and (2) not possible.  Ugh.

One thing I do like about playgrounds is that I see other people’s kids behaving appallingly and it makes me feel so much better.  One kid got a bollocking off his mum for blowing a raspberry in my daughter’s face (hadn’t registered with me as she thought it was brilliant but perhaps this is a habit they are trying to get him out of).

Another time I was there, I saw one child actually get smacked for kicking sand in babies’ faces.  I had mixed feelings about this – on the one hand, the child was being an utter beast.  On the other – smacking is just not really on.  It sounds hideously snobby but I think of it as something that only common people do.  Like smoking.  Smacking your children is not illegal in the UK (although some people think it should be) but smoking in your car, if you have  children in there, now is.

Anyway, once we managed to leave the park, we went to Angel Deli for lunch. I love this place – the food is nice and the owners are extremely kind to my kids (their daughter sometimes comes round to our house to play).  They have some terrific deli stuff and I think their tiramisu is probably the best I’ve ever tasted.

Angel Deli - Cross Street
Angel Deli – Cross Street

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