Dog Eat Dog

Last night, we met our friends S and H at Dog Eat Dog, which is apparently the only Brewdog to serve food.

Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog

I’d never heard of Brewdog but my husband asked the guys behind the bar why they were serving food at this one only – it’s because that spot on the Essex Road only has a licence to be a restaurant, not a bar.  So they do hotdogs and bar snacks.  We had some, they were nice – I had a “voodoo” which had a black sausage and spicy relish, I think.  Their onion rings were terrific.

I had seen some black pudding and pancetta, which I though would be a great bar snack but it turns out that was a bar snack for dogs.  As the place filled up, it also became filled up with dogs – this is a dog friendly bar (normal in the IoW but something I’ve not seen in London).

The beer was very good – I had This Is Lager but my husband and H had the IPA.  S had some beer that was infused with pumpkin which I didn’t try but looked pretty.


My husband and I disagreed on whether this counts as a hipster place.  He said it doesn’t, because Brewdogs are usually only filled with long haired students.  I said it does because (1) it encourages people to bring their dogs, (2) it is on the Essex Road and (2) piercings and facial hair everywhere, it reminded me of Shoreditch (except bar staff are like that all over London).

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