MollyMeg and the Food Lab

I popped out to the Essex Road at lunchtime today.  The Essex Road used to be really quite down at heel (it had a hardware shop) but it is now getting a bit more upmarket.  It’s got an art gallery with almost nothing in it and a few hipster cafes.

One place I went into was MollyMeg, which has just opened and sells some lovely children’s things – toys etc at the front and bigger stuff (like a bunk bed) at the back.  It’s all very tasteful – they sell some of the same things as Myriad, who I wrote abut here.  It would be a good spot to pick up Christmas presents to give to the children of people you would like to impress.  I’ll definitely pop in there again.

Molly Meg
Molly Meg

For lunch, I went to Food Lab, which I would DEFINITELY count as a hipster place.  The coffee is good, the food is lovely and it makes me feel less middle aged to go there.

Food Lab
Food Lab

It is right next door to Planet Organic, which has some very nice stuff but is a fiendishly expensive place to buy groceries.

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