Cracked heels?

It has been pouring all morning, which is super because God knows the lawn needs it.  I am wearing very unsuitable (but comfortable) shoes – those Nike ones that are basically socks with a sole. My feet get wet in them but never mind.

I was a bit disturbed last night to find that my heels STILL haven’t got over the summer. Every summer I end up with cracked heels. I just don’t suit sandals.

I used to use Lansinoh (because I still had loads from when the kids were babies) but M said No, no, what you need is this:

30% urea!
30% urea!

i was a bit skeptical but it does work (but really stings to begin with). The urea is synthetic but in any case I’m not squeamish about that sort of thing.  You can get it at most normal chemists (the type that sell lots of blister plasters).  Or order it online.

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