Timekeeping and La Farola

This morning, after my run, I went for a coffee with my friend L at Euphorium.  This is a nice place and I definitely recommend their cakes – we got my son’s birthday cake from there – it was this sort of thing and was awesome.  Anyway, I didn’t have a cake this time as I was meant to be meeting my brother (who is now back from Honeymoon) for lunch at Chinese Laundry.

We got onto the subject of timekeeping.  Now, when I was working, I used to have to record what I did every fifteen minutes on a timesheet.  So, even though I am not in work right now, I still think in units of fifteen minutes.  There are 28 within seven hours.  Walk down to Angel, do a bit of shopping and head back? Three units.  Go for a run?  Two units.  Go for coffee with a friend? Five units (usually).  Take my son to preschool? One unit.  L found this a little robotic, I think.

While we were in Euphorium, my brother texted me to say that he was still jet lagged and so was going to sack me off.  I was quite irritated but then my husband said he could meet me.

Now, I had seen Chinese Laundry but had thought it was another themed dry cleaning place on Upper Street.

See? Like this
See? Like this

However, having read this, I now realise that it is a northern Chinese restaurant, which I was quite excited about.

Even the menu was cool
Even the menu was cool

Pretty much all the places we go to in London serve gweilo Chinese food.  However, when we went in, we had a look at the menu and my husband (who has lived in the far east on and off throughout his childhood and immediately after university) said that he Didn’t Like congee, Didn’t Like tofu and Didn’t Like Chinese breakfast.  The waitress was kind and gracious and said that they would start doing lunch stuff in a few weeks.  So we left and went to La Farola.

La Farola
La Farola

La Farola is a nice place – it does Spanish tapas very well and I’ve had some excellent lunches there.  I particularly liked the paella today although all of it was very nice.  It is a bright, airy restaurant and gets full in the evenings.  It deserves to do well and I recommend it if that is what you are in the mood for.

Perhaps I’ll go to Chinese Laundry by myself tomorrow.  Although it is more fun with someone else.

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