Organdy nail varnish

Do you like the colour of my nails?

Chanel organdy nail varnish
Chanel organdy nail varnish

I’m not certain that I do but sometimes I get a bit sick of only wearing super neutral colours on my fingernails.  And I bite my nails so going without any nail varnish is a total disaster (I’ll end up biting them right past the quick within a day or two).  This is a colour called “Organdy” and is made by Chanel, who appear to make the best nail varnish (long lasting, easy to put on, good colour, nice bottle) although I also like Essie.  It is described somewhere else as being a “milky, bubblegum pink” which sounds disgusting but in fact looks okay AND doesn’t clash with my clothes (unless I wear a bright red dress).

Now, Organdy has been discontinued, like so many things that I really, really like but then again, I do have quite a few bottles of nail varnish.  And there is still quite a lot in the bottle.

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