Sunday activities with the kids

This morning, we went to Full of Beans to meet my friend L for a coffee.  This is a GREAT place to go to with kids – they have a little soft play area and loads of toys.  Just the thing.  L had originally suggested Ottolenghi which, as you know, I love – but not with the kids getting down and running around, winding up all the other diners.  Whenever I’m in there, I see small children actually sitting down and behaving themselves.  I have no idea how their parents do it.  Anyway, if you have youngish kids, I totally recommend Full of Beans.  Just don’t go there if you don’t have children.

We had a Most Enjoyable chat with L about her job and schools (our oldest kids are both due to start primary school next September).

Afterwards, we went to Highbury Fields so the kids could ride their scooters.

Highbury Fields
Highbury Fields

My kids love their scooters but have to wear their helmets whenever they do (I know three kids who’ve knocked out a front tooth falling off their scooters). My daughter’s helmet came from Cycle Surgery, who had loads of toddler helmets but my son is at an in-between stage where he’s just about to outgrow the toddler helmet but isn’t really big enough for the next stage.  In the end, we bought him this one.

While in Highbury Fields, we popped into the Oasis cafe.  This is a brilliant outdoors place to take the kids as it has loads of little cars for them to ride and is fenced and gated so they can’t escape.  Soon, it’ll be a bit chilly but now it’s still worth getting some time outside.

Oasis cafe
Oasis cafe

We had lunch in La Divina, which has a nice kids’ menu and a lot of Italian film memorabilia.  We always seem to sit next to a family whose kids sit nicely at the table and don’t wander round the restaurant.  However, the staff are nice to the kids and pretty quick to serve you so things were kept under control.

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