Halloween book

Today, we went to my husband’s parents’ house.  They’ve just got back from holiday in Vermont and brought back a Halloween book for the kids.

Halloween book
Halloween book

It is a very nice book and the kids enjoyed having it read to them.  Now that Autumn is here, I am really in the mood for Halloween.

I am VERY impressed with my mother in law’s compost bins.  She has four of them plus a few black daleks.  We had a poke about for worms but didn’t see any.  She covers hers with bits of old carpet to keep the heat in, which is a very good idea.

Compost bins
Compost bins

Tonight, we are going to a wedding in the west end.  It is “smart casual” and I am undecided on what to wear – I’ve been told that the groom won’t be wearing a suit.

3 thoughts on “Halloween book

    1. I’ve never been to Arizona (although my husband has been to Las Vegas) so I can’t imagine it – is it very hot and dry? Heat is GREAT for compost but you do need moisture as well – I sometimes pour buckets of water in mine when I think it needs it.

      You have a lovely day too!


      1. Hot and dry are the two best descriptors for arizona in my area. But we do have the fall winter and spring gardening seasons. The wife loves to grow and use herbs when we can. -KIA


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