Taggies and Nem Nem

Now, my children have these small, brightly coloured blankets called Taggies.  Originally, they were going to be Only For Bedtime but really, they are also for car journeys, plane trips, walks to the park and any time that they get a bit tired and upset.


I was also going to Only Let Them Have One At A Time.  Ha, ha, they carry a whole bunch of them round the house – my son used to stuff them up his jumper and pretend that they were a baby.

Today, I went to visit my friend M, who has just had her third son.  He is a nice little baby and was very interested in the pattern on my dress.  Our present to him was a (new, in its package) Taggie.  M is doing well, although she could do with a bit more sleep.

When she found out she was expecting another boy, M was quite surprised (and, really, a bit upset) at how negative peoples’ reactions were.  The correct reaction to hearing that someone is going to have a son is “How nice! Boys are fab!” – anything else is just plain rudeness.

After visiting M, my husband and I went to Nem Nem, a Vietnamese place which has opened near us on Upper Street quite recently.  It was pretty nice and felt quite slimming.  Only thing is, it was a bit empty which is spooky in a restaurant.

Mushroom Pho at Nem Nem
Mushroom Pho at Nem Nem

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