Ordering new clothes

Today, a couple of parcels arrived from Hermes.  One was some tops I’d ordered for my husband from Landsend.  He got me to send one back but is happy enough with the other two so yay for me.

The other parcel was some stuff I’d ordered from Boden.  I like Boden a lot and buy lots of my clothes from there.  At the moment, they have 15% off plus free delivery and returns PLUS I had a ten pound voucher they’d sent me.

These arrive quite often
These arrive quite often

Like anywhere, they can be quite hit and miss.  I’ve sent back a couple of things on the grounds that they made me look like a sack of potatoes but I kept a couple of tunics, three pairs of leggings and some tights.  Caitlin Moran said in her book “How to be a Woman” that, if you try something on and it makes you want to suck your stomach in and pull your top down, DON’T buy it.  However, if you start dancing as soon as you put it on, you MUST buy it, whatever it costs.  Anyway, it is a very good book and I recommend it, if you haven’t read it already.

This has stags on
This has stags on
This is smarter than it looks here
This is smarter than it looks here

I ALWAYS send stuff I don’t like back as soon as I can.  Esther Walker said in her blog that you need to be ruthless about sending things back and I agree with her.  If you haven’t seen her blog, I recommend you check it out; it’s much better than mine.  I also liked her old blog Recipe Rifle (and made quite a few things from it) but she doesn’t write that one any more.

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