La Petite Maison

Last night we went to La Petite Maison with B, M, R and H, our friends who we are going skiing with next year.


Now, M was ravenous as she does that diet where you fast for two days a week.  R has started doing it too but perhaps he is more reserved about expressing his hunger than M.

Helpfully, the restaurant puts tomatoes on the table so everyone got stuck in.


We all shared our starters – from what I can remember, we had burrata, carpaccio of tuna, yellowtail and beef and something else.  Everyone apart from H (who had fish) had the veal chop (so delicious).

I’ve only been here a couple of times but the others had been more often.  B said he once saw Tom Cruise in there.  And R and H had once sat on the table next to the Clintons.  They said that once they had finished, Hillary darted straight out to the car outside (she was U.S. Secretary of State at the time so presumably that’s what her security people wanted her to do) but Bill got up and shook the hand of someone at every other table in the restaurant.  What nice manners that man has, I assume he realised he was being stared at by all the other diners.

After telling us about that, R pointed out a nice big table in the corner and then said that – gasp! – the older man in the white shirt facing away from us was Harrison Ford!  Of course, all our heads swivelled round (because we are Not Cool).  He was having us on.

After the restaurant, we went to Mews for some cocktails.


At first I had sloe gin and bitter lemon – and it was nice but what I really fancied was a gin and tonic.  So I had one.

They put rosemary in
They put rosemary in

They put sprigs of rosemary into their gin and tonics, which is a trick I need to remember.

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