Honey bear

Today, we went to Hampstead.  Hampstead is a very posh area with lots of big, expensive houses and some lovely shops.  Neither of us had breakfast so we went to Le Pain Quotidian for brunch.  I had never heard of this place (and didn’t realise that it was a chain) but I had the baked eggs with salmon and they were very nice.  They didn’t sell diet coke (because it isn’t healthy) so I had a latte instead.

Meh. It's a menu
Meh. It’s a menu

They did have this though.

Honey Bear!
Honey Bear!

This was very exciting because my daughter absolutely loves the song Honey Bear on YouTube.  So we bought a bottle of the honey for her.  YouTube is a funny thing, loads of the stuff on there is really good but then it shifts suddenly into some weird shit you don’t want your kids to see.  So if you let your kids watch stuff on YouTube, it’s a good idea to supervise them (although I’m sure you would).

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