Herb garden

One thing I love about my garden in the IoW is my herb garden.

My herb garden
My herb garden

I love deciding that I need, say, a handful of rosemary or sage or oregano and just grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting some off.  At the moment, I have rosemary, fennel, angelica, thyme, tarragon, parsley, chives, golden oregano, Greek oregano, feverfew, sage, curry plant and basil.  I used to have chervil and dill but they are not perennials and basically went to seed so I pulled them out.  The dill was super when we had smoked salmon over the summer.

Over the last year, the herb garden has gone from being quite small and tidy to being a bit of a jungle.  The photo above shows it after it’s been hacked back a bit – herbs don’t do well unless you give them a good prune every now and then.

Early on
Early on
A bit of a jungle - I cut it back after this
A bit of a jungle – I cut it back after this

Some things I don’t use much of (or any, like angelica – but it likes the shady spot and I like the plant) but I have because I either think the plant is beautiful (feverfew)  or pollinating insects love them (like fennel – loved by wasps and hoverflies).

Now, I’m a bit sad because our builders need to do some work in this spot so they are going to put my herbs into pots while they do this*.  Some will survive but some (rosemary) may not.  Here is where I’ll go to replace the stuff that doesn’t survive.

* I do have a few herbs planted throughout the garden (because I love them) so we can still cook with herbs while this is going on.

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