Nighttime cycling in London

Driving back along the Euston Road after dark, my husband and I noticed a whole bunch of cyclists who were almost completely invisible – no helmet, black coat, black trousers, almost imperceptible light.  Now, I have a theory that quite a lot of London cyclists are not drivers – if they were, I assume that they would be more aware of how well other people can see them.

Now, you know I don’t like to preach.  And others don’t like to be preached at.  And I know, if I am driving it is my responsibility to look out for other road users – be they cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, horses or other cars.  HOWEVER, if you are cycling (or running – it is amazing how many runners dress like the milk tray man), it is a really good idea to make sure that you are visible.

Recently, I went to the Cycle Surgery on the Holloway Road and they have loads of cool, brightly coloured clothes for running and cycling.  I particularly like this.

While we’re talking about road safety, my friend Catherine cycles her kids around in one of these.  They look seriously cool and are also super visible.

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