Being snuggly in the Autumn

Last night, we had our log burner on for the first time this Autumn.  I love our log burner – it’s just the thing for cheering up the living room.  It was made by Jotul, who are Norwegian and therefore (I think) very chic.  They have the best catalogue – full of snowy landscapes and minimalist houses made cheery by their stoves and fireplaces.  I really recommend you check it out, it makes me feel positively Christmassy.

Jotul log burner
Jotul log burner

We bought the log burner from The Fireplace in Newport.  This is a very good shop and we found them super helpful.

Another thing I love about Autumn is digging out my slippers.

My slippers
My slippers

These came from Celtic & Co and are the sheepskin bootee slippers – I have them in red in the IoW and in mocca in London.  I never used to like slippers but these are amazing.

This morning, I went for another run but I won’t tell you about it because you almost certainly aren’t interested.  However, it was another nice day and the sea was pretty calm.

The old sea wall in Totland
The old sea wall in Totland

I am glad that a new path connecting Totland Bay and Colwell Bay has been built.  The old path was along the sea wall, which fell into the sea (you can see it in the picture).

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