Earlier this year, I bought a FitBit Flex (I was copying my brother and his now wife but never mind).

My FitBit Flex
My FitBit Flex

Now, I like this a lot.  I have an App on my phone which tells me how many steps I’ve done today (16,733 so far, yay!), how many kilometres I’ve walked, how many calories I’ve burned and how long I’ve been “active”.  It also gives you the opportunity to do challenges with other people – basically, it’s a competition to see who can rack up the most steps over a day, weekend or week.

Nearly all my FitBit friends are women on Mumsnet who were also looking for some FitBit friends.  I don’t know them but we do talk a bit about what we all do.  One is a childminder with three of her own kids and two dogs who need walking a lot – she’s hard to beat.  Another is a picker at a massive warehouse so I NEVER beat her – she’s unassailable.

The FitBit won’t make you feel the need to run marathons but it can give you a bit of a shove to be slightly more active.  If it gets to 3pm and I’ve only racked up 4,000 steps, I’ll try and walk somewhere to give me some chance of hitting 10,000 steps a day.  Which I suppose is the actual point of the thing.

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