This morning, after I dropped my kids off at nursery, I went for a run.  I won’t go into massive detail about this because, unless you are either actually interested in running or very fond of me, you don’t want to hear about it.  I mean, no one wants to hear about your workout, right?

I have restarted the Couch to 5k programme, which is a set of free podcasts that you can download from the NHS.  A kind, patient woman called Laura tells you when to run and when to walk and how marvellous you are.  And I DO feel better afterwards, even if I spend my run endlessly pulled up my running trousers.  I am more or less exactly the shape of a boiled egg, you see, so my trousers tend to slip down.

It was a nice morning but a bit chilly so I kept getting funny looks from other people in hats, scarves and fleeces out walking their dogs.

It's lovely to run along here
It’s lovely to run along here

I started running last year and bought a shitload of gear to do it in.  Most of it came from Nike who thankfully stock my size.  Their longsleeved tops double up as skiing base layers so it is quite reasonable really.

I bought my trainers from Runners Need, who get you to try on a pair of trainers and then run on a treadmill.  They film your feet so they can check whether you are rolling (you are not meant to).  It was a bit weird though, the lady who served me brought out the pink trainers first and, when I said they were a bit tight, said (rather sympathetically) that yes, the ladies’ ones only came in a “B” width and that the mens’ ones came in a “D” and “E” width.  She then looked rather surprised when I suggested that I try on the mens’ trainers in that case.  I am happy enough with blue trainers.

I also love Sweaty Betty, although I don’t fit into a lot of their stuff.  I LOVE their funky running tights; there was a thing in the Times a little while ago about how how “everyone” wears these all the time, not just for exercise.

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