Scarifying the lawn

Recently, we scarified the front lawn.  This is a weird job, it’s the sort of thing that you think “Oh yeah, it’ll take me perhaps a couple of hours ABSOLUTE MAX” because, after all, it is just you pushing the lawnmower-like scarifying machine round the garden, collecting all the moss and stuff and putting it in a pile.

Ha, ha, haaaaAAAA!  It took the WHOLE weekend.  Now, the scarifying machine DOES come with a bag to collect the stuff but really it was a fairly pointless thing as it filled up the moment you started pushing.  The thing I hadn’t realised is that you need to go over the lawn once, collect all the stuff that’s been pulled up and then go over again, at a different angle and collect what gets pulled up then.  This is a LOT of raking and lugging, even with a wheelbarrow and those garden waste bags with handles which break.

Now, we had LOADS of moss, thistles and weeds.  Even so, I was a bit shocked at the state of the lawn immediately afterwards.

Front lawn after two goes at scarifying
Front lawn after two goes at scarifying

After we did this, we put down a load of ferrous sulphate.  This reasonably nasty stuff that kills moss, fertilises grass and will stain your clothes and shoes etc.  Do not let your kids anywhere near it!  My husband had suggested that he borrow my wellies to do this but as my wellies (1) were a Christmas present from his mum and (2) are very posh, I suggested that he think again.  In the end, he tucked his trousers into his boots.

Once the ferrous sulphate had been on the lawn for 24 hours, we could then put down some grass seed.  We watered the lawn a bit in the week as, unusually for here, there wasn’t ANY rain.  I don’t know whether this did any good.

The lawn now. I hope it will recover soon.
The lawn now. I hope it will recover soon.

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