Enid Blytoning

One of the things I love about the IoW is the opportunities for the kids to have what I call Enid Blyton experiences.  Now, clearly I am not about to cheerily wave my four- and two-year old off while they sail off to some remote rock, accompanied by a dog and some dodgy characters.

And there is a limit to how many “experiences” we can fit into a day.  One short trip to the beach to check out some rock pools?  Super!  An ENTIRE day filled with life affirming activities?  Exhausting and headache inducing.  I need a bit of time to sit staring at my mobile in the daytime.  Apart from anything else, it is good for children to have some time to play by themselves.  A child who just plain cannot amuse him or herself for a few minutes is an irritating being.

Having said that, I do worry sometimes that my kids should be doing more, should be watching less telly, are not becoming well rounded people with the skills they need.

The telly. I have no idea what is on.
The telly. I have no idea what is on.

I do know some people whose kids are not allowed to watch telly.  And good for them.  Their kids do lots of crafts and other wholesome activities.  I must admit that I don’t like crafts.  I have always been rubbish at them, even when I was little.  There’s nothing like being confronted by a patient, disappointed crafty lady when you are eight to really put you off that sort of thing.  Plus you then have to find somewhere to put all the stuff you and your children have made.

Today, having watched well over an hour of dayglo cartoons, I persuaded my son to go on a bike ride with me.  This is something I think of as an “Enid Blyton” activity – it is wholesome and outside.  However, I am not certain that my barking instructions every couple of minutes and my son getting cross whenever we hit a hill is something that Enid Blyton would have included in her books.  We DO go on the (incredibly quiet) roads AND my son can ride without stabilisers.  He is very proud of himself. We got his bike from Islabikes.


Halfway through our bike ride, we stopped to let my son climb a tree and to let me have a rest.  I like the climbing tree, it is just low enough for me to be able to help a child AND it has room for at least three kids to go on at once.

The climbing tree!
The climbing tree!

When we got home, I made my husband a cup of tea and put Horrid Henry back on the telly.

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