Today at 3:25pm, my friend M texted “Dude I’m starving”.  We were due to eat out at Lurra tonight you see.  And it was AWESOME.

Spanish Gin & Tonics are the BEST.
Spanish Gin & Tonics are the BEST.

The beef looked fantastic – M made the point that “the cow really wants me to eat it” – she hadn’t even read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I recommended it to her (and I recommend it to you).  Speaking of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, I had always assumed that Hotblack Desiato the estate agent was named after the character but it turns out that Douglas Adams (the author, who lived round here) named his character after the estate agent.

Awesome wine.
Awesome wine.
The cow.
The cow.

I won’t go into stacks of detail.  After all, B (M’s husband) is Spanish so we are incredibly lazy and generally get him to order.  He chats a bit in Spanish to the waiters and then they bring out an assortment of lovely things.  Tonight, the wine, the beef and the bone marrow were all terrific.

If you are interested in Spanish restaurants in London, I also recommend Donostia (Lurra’s sister restaurant), Cambio de Tercio (so awesome, particularly the tomatoes) and Brindisa (lovely tapas).

Update: There are some reviews of Lurra in the Independent and the Times.

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