Closed until Easter

Now, I love the Isle of Wight.  LOVE IT.  In summer it is glorious.  And in winter you can snuggle at home with the fire, looking out at the grey sea.  So cosy.  However, lots of places there close for winter, not opening until the following Easter (which can be as late as the end of April, leading my son to complain that Blackgang Chine will NEVER BE OPEN AGAIN).

You see this quite often.
You see this quite often.

Here are the places that you NEED to get to BY 1 November.  This is the date that everything stops for winter.

Blackgang Chine

Robin Hill

Butterfly World

Yarmouth Castle

Osborne House

Carisbrook Castle

The last two of these ARE open between 2 November and Easter – but only at the weekend between 10am and 4pm.  It’s sad when things close for winter but then it does make me really appreciate them when they are open in summer.

Now, there is some stuff that does stay open all year round – we love Amazon World and Tapnell Farm.  I’ll write a bit more about these another day.

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