Yesterday I went to visit my friend Catherine at her new house. She has just done it up, and has really done the most marvellous job.  I particularly love the tiles in her kitchen and bathroom (imported from Turkey via somewhere in the US so clearly some thought went into them) and her kitchen worktop.  Now, my kitchen worktop in London is varnished wood so it looks AMAZING immediately after it’s been “done” then terrible six months later.  You can’t even put a pan down on it, seriously.  Catherine has gone for unvarnished wood, the sort that kitchen tables in farmhouses used to be made of.

While I was there, we got into a chat about politics. Catherine is a convert to Islam and is (to my way of thinking) Political. She gets involved in things, you see.  She even knows Jeremy Corbyn and in January this year was interviewed on Channel 4 news following the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

While mine and Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are not quite in line, I do agree with Catherine that his election as leader of the Labour party is really exciting.  It would be brilliant if the result is that the young and the poor start being interested in voting.  I am very in favour of voting and get quite irritable when someone moans but then says that they haven’t voted in the last election.  I mean, I know that it is up to them.  But I still get irritable.

Another thing we talked about was the radicalisation of Muslims and how keen she is to get Muslims to participate in politics.  I never feel qualified to talk (or write) about things like this; I often feel that someone else will be able to do a much better job of putting their point across.  After our conversation, it occurred to me that most people are really quite shy about getting into a  debate about anything political.  Possibly they don’t want to sound stupid.  Or possibly they don’t want to get shouted at.  Frankly, neither do I.  I even get uncomfortable watching PMQ.

One thing I have heard about Jeremy Corbyn is that he hasn’t changed his mind since 1970.  I don’t like that (and I don’t believe it is true).  As society changes, our beliefs and opinions must also change.  I hope that the decisions I make are based on the information made available to me and that, when that information changes, so do my decisions.

Having seen Catherine’s kitchen, I am considering making the decision to change our kitchen worktop to a lovely unvarnished wooden one.  This is where she got hers.


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