Today I went to Soho. I don’t go as often as I used to. When I was 13 or so, I used to come up to London on the train from Brighton with my friend Jo and we thought Soho was SO COOL. In fact, all of London was amazing.

We learned how to use a Tube map and how to pronounce Holborn. It was brilliant.

One street in Soho that I do like is Brewer Street. It’s a fairly sunless street that always seems to have a lorry trying to get through it, despite being far too narrow. There’s a great sushi place called Kulu Kulu that my Canadian friend Debs introduced me to when she lived in London. It’s one of the few places I don’t feel weird about going to on my own and I imagine (probably wrongly) that it is slimming. We used to go there after our Egyptian dance class in Covent Garden.

Also, there’s now a branch of Hix, although the one in Smithfields is more convenient for me.

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